NFC Task Launcher Screenshot 4 
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Screenshot NFC Task Launcher Making a new NFC-Tag


Here you can selected a category of your preferred settings.

Wifi On/Off, Simple Wifi connection On/Off or Toggle.

Wifi Connect.  Write a tag to connect to a already saved or known Wifi network in your Smart Pnone.. 

Wifi Hotspot is a modus especially for Hot-Spot use.

Bluetooth On/Off: Toggles your Bluetooth hardware on your smart phone On or Off.

BlueTooth Discoverability, Make your Bluetooth Visiable for other users. Auto off after 120 sec.

Airplane Mode toggle all your sending and receiving functionality from your Smart Phone Off.

Auto-sync toggle option Enable or Disable to synchronize all your digital accounts with the internet for example your Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox, or etc.


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