NFC Task Launcher Screenshot 2 
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Screenshot NFC Task Launcher Making a new NFC-Tag


New Task Here you can select the action for your new task there can be many settings in one task. or make a "switch".

A Switch is an combination of two task. the first time you scan this NFC-Chip you get Task 1 and  the second time you Swipe you get Task 2. For example: Task 1 is : "WiFi signal On" and Task 2 is: "WiFi Signal Off". 

New uri is to make use of the sim-card telephone technology. like making a phone call, Sending an SMS, E-mail a mail-receiver 

New url for a link to a website or web-page

New vCard let's you fill-up a NFC vCard with your all contact information. Sometimes it is more easy to re-create a special contact for NFC use, this way you can be sure your information data is not to large for the NFC-Chip. Pictures are not recommend. They take to much space.

New message will display a pre-edit text message on somebody's Smart Phone after Swiping the NFC tag.

Erase NFC chip. This last fuction stands for it self. I will erase a written data of your NFC tag and will leave your NFC chip blanco.


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