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Enjoy the best smartphone settings with NFC Swipe-Tags!

Swipe-Tags have 3x MORE memory, so they can do a lot more !!!

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What can a NFC Swipe-Tag do for you?

What specs have Swipe-Tags compaired with other smarttags?

Where can I buy Swipe-Tags?

Which apps can I use for Swipe-Tags?



Take full advantage of

With Swipe-tags !



What can a NFC swipe-Tag do for you?

A Swipe-Tag can do all kinds of settings for your Smartphone very easy. Just Swipe over the NFC-tag and all settngs you programmed will change automatically! 

Swipe-Tags have a much bigger memory size than other smarttags. Only Swipe-Tags are big enough to use them as switches. The memory-size of a Swipe-Tag is 3 times bigger than the Xperia smarttag! Also Swipe-Tag will provide you with adhesive smarttags which have the same comfortable memory-size.

The best way to use the Swipe-Tags is to hang them around in your house and office. Just at the place or situation where you need them. Let them turn on your radio when you are cooking. Set your alarm and silent profile when you go into your bed. Check your emails in your office and start Bluetooth and navigation in your car. Switch your WiFi connection or give friends comfortable and easy access to your secure WiFi with just a swipe!

Swipe-Tag Stickers and vCard are included

Swipe-Tags have more to offer you! 

We include a very nice creditcard size `vCard` with extra memory for all your contact details. Your telephone numbers, your website, your address, your facebook etc. even a small picture can be included. Easy to carry in your purse or wallet.

Next to that, Swipe-Tag also includes two Swipe-Tag Stickers. These you can stick one in your car or anywhere so that you can easely swipe them. Use it for example to turn on your smartphone flashlight to find easely the keyhole or your frontdoor at night-time.




Screenshot of NFC Task Launcher our favorite NFC-tag programmer for Android devices.


What specs has a Swipe-Tag?

Swipe-Tags can be used by any smartphone with NFC hardware inside also know as "Near Field Communication" hardware. You can write c.q. program a Swipe-Tag as many times you like, but you can make them very easy "read only" and the write function is then locked and closed for ever! 

We advise you to NOT to use the write protection, until you are very sure of the settings! Locked Swipe-Tags cannot be returned or replaced or refunded! Therefor be carefull with the write protect function.

Best known smartphones are Samsung Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X, the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Sony Xperia S. For all NFC compatible smartphones look at this list. 

Smart-tags Memory Size Singel commands Multi Commands or Switches vCard information Compatible with Sony Xperia
Swipe-Tag  192 bytes Yes Yes Medium Yes
Swipe-Tag Sticker 192 bytes Yes Yes Medium Yes
Swipe-Tag vCard 1024 bytes Yes Yes Big Yes *)
Sony Xperia Smart-tags 64 bytes Yes No Small Yes

* Not compatible with Blackberry.


Where can I buy Swipe-Tags?

You can purchase the Swipe-Tags through our ebay store !


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